Environmental Advisors Working in the Mining Industry [FREE GUIDE TO MANAGING APPROVALS]

To help expand your knowledge of the Environmental Approvals process, I have put together a free guide to managing approvals:




So many environmental professionals are frustrated by the number of approvals, number of government department websites, and the time it takes to find the information they need relating to environmental approvals. The legislation is broad and complex.


Where do you START? You want to value-add but finding the resources and knowledge to do so is difficult and time consuming.


You want guidance from someone who has been through the process; you want resources that don’t take hours to find the answers. We’re going to make it easier for you by providing free reports and resources, and working together to expand your knowledge.




The fact is there are three essential elements you need to know about managing approvals that make it effortless to communicate your value to your organization so that you can value-add without requesting time from your Manager.


Discover EXACTLY how you can have that knowledge and value-add the way you want to using:


  • Simple strategies.
  • Building your resources.
  • Providing informed advice.


In order to get your FREE copy, register here.





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